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Norway Michigan Auto Repair

Since 2019 Auto Moxie Automotive Repair has been available to take care of and fix any mechanical or electrical issues you might be having with your car or truck. We  have the skilled technicians to help you get back on the road in an affordable and timely manner.

Custom Exhaust Design and Repair in Norway Michigan

Chris Summerfield is the owner of Auto Moxie and he is highly skilled and experienced in the art of designing custom exhausts. He can also repair any exhaust or muffler issues you might be having with your vehicle.

Engine Repair or Engine Replacement in Norway Michigan

If you're looking for a certified engine repair shop near Norway Michigan then you have come to the right place! We have highly trained mechanics that can work on any engine repairs you need. We are are also fully qualified to not only repair your engine but also replace your engine if it is needed. We would love to help you get back on the road in an affordable and timely manner!

Suspension Repair in Norway Michigan

We offer suspension repair in Norway Michigan. If your vehicle is riding rough and making alot of clunking sounds when you hit bumps, we can help you fix that annoying issue! We will fix your suspension problem and get you back on the road!

Transmission Repair in Norway Michigan

The mechanics at Auto Moxie are proud to serve the customers of the Norway, Michigan area for all of their transmission repair needs. They can diagnose your transmission, and offer you the most affordable path to getting back on the road even if that means they have to replace your transmission and not just repair it.

Timing Belt and Timing Chain Repair in Norway Michigan.

At some point throughout the life of your vehicle it will probably need work done to its timing belt or timing chain depending on what your car or truck has. Nonetheless, at Auto Moxie we have the mechanics that can replace or repair your timing belt or timing chain in Norway Michigan!

Disc Brakes and Drum Brakes

Auto Moxie offers an affordable brake job package. We can replace your front disc brakes, your rear disc brakes, and drum brakes all at an affordable rate. Schedule your brake job at Auto Moxie today!

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